Episode 1: Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keyboard!

Welcome to episode 1 of Manuscripting Pod, a show where I talk about writing, explore procrastination, and attempt to keep my inner critic hogtied and in the corner. I’m your host Less and in this episode, I’m introducing the podcast to the world!

I want to send some love to the folks who have already been so supportive of this podcast. Toffer, Jessie, Andy, Brad, Jane, and my co-hosts on RSVP Lenore and Dee. Also, the entire Manuscripting facebook group that I randomly changed over to the Manuscripting Pod group. Little did you know when it was created that I’d been thinking about creating this podcast! Also, big thanks to everyone over on Instagram and Twitter for tolerating my relentless messing around with watercolors and attempts to create the logo by hand and giving me feedback about the colors and logo.


Show Notes

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